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Annual Report 2023

The power of purposeful technology

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Tietoevry's Annual Report and highlights of the year 2023 are now available!

The full Annual Report 2023 including Sustainability Performance, Corporate Governance Statement, Financial Review and Sustainability Report can be downloaded as interactive PDF's from this page.

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Sustainability Report 2023

Corporate Governance Statement 2023

Financial Report 2023

The year 2023 was a very dynamic one, impacted by the combined effects of the weaker economic environment and continued geopolitical uncertainty. At Tietoevry, our transformation with specialized businesses to create higher value to all stakeholders is on track, strategic reviews are progressing as planned, the strong performance in our software businesses continued, and we continue to actively pursue opportunities in the AI-enabled world, comments our President and CEO Kimmo Alkio.

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Specialization forms the cornerstone of our strategy. Our five specialized end-to-end businesses aim to take advantage of cloud, data and software market growth. Tietoevry’s strategy aims to
capture the cloud-native and AI-enabled market opportunity through specialized software, digital engineering and managed-services businesses. We aim to reposition Tietoevry as a leading software and digital engineering player globally.

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Our noteworthy sustainability achievements include reducing our environmental footprint and exceeding our climate-action targets. We have also made solid progress in the area of human rights, with a systematic and process-oriented approach, says Ida Bohman Steenberg, Chief Sustainability Officer at Tietoevry.

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Tietoevry has made consistent progress towards our software and digital engineering future.

Creating purposeful technology

Our aim is to develop digital futures where technology, humanity and responsibility are at the core.

AI-powered healthcare


With healthcare systems around the world burdened by staff shortages and tightening budgets, the sector is increasingly looking to Artificial Intelligence for support. Tietoevry Care has multiple solutions under development.

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Supermarket of the future


Retailer REWE Austria operates more than 2,000 grocery stores across the country. When REWE wanted to create the first energy-efficient "supermarket of the future," the company looked to Tietoevry for help in using the power of data to make it happen.

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Technology preventing fraud


With its 3D Secure Monitoring solution, Tietoevry Banking is stopping fraud and contributing to safer online shopping for consumers – while also helping to prevent money from going to organized crime. 

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AI in public administration


Tietoevry is helping multiple Norwegian municipalities harness the power of Artificial Intelligence to protect the privacy of citizens.

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Societal engagements


We believe that we can create lasting value by engaging with partners that develop societies and at the same time support our business strategy.

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We stand with Ukraine

Tietoevry has more than 2 000 employees in Ukraine. We have been deeply concerned for the safety of them and their families, and supporting them in these challenging times has been our top priority in 2022.

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